Employee Access Information

You can access our network by a variety of ways. Use the links below to setup your connection. If you need help with setup please contact Shawn or Ken.

Exchange Outlook: owa.premierpress.com/owa

Paylocity: access.paylocity.com

The Paylocity website needs the Company id:      41514

Sharepoint: sharepoint.premierpress.com

VMware View client setup on Windows or Mac:

Go to web browser, then type vdi.premierpress.com

Blast: no client install needed useful for when you can’t install the client. Choose the HTML Access on the right.


Client Install
click “Install vmware Horizion client” on the left

Install VMware Horizon Client (Left)

Step 2:

Select the Version that matches you computers Operating system, For most probably 32-bit

Select version that matches your computer's OS

Step 3: 

Click save file

Step 4:

Go to the location that you downloaded the file and run the setup. Default settings are fine.

Step 5:
Type vdi.premierpress.com into the connection box. Then hit connect.

Type vdi.premierpress.com into connection server

Step 6:
ENTER your Premier Press User and Password, enter premierpress as domain, then click login

Enter your Premier Press User and Password

Step 7:
Click on your VM name then connect, at this time it will connect to your desktop.

Click on your VM name